Social Security

Health, well-being in the workplace, social security and intergenerational solidarity are all areas which increase Luxembourg’s economic and social appeal and form the basis of a harmonious society. UEL has always stressed the importance it gives to the security and the health of the employees. This implies that our social security systems ensure an optimal performance and more specifically, that all the stakeholders recognize their responsibility related to this matter.

Task force Social Security

President :

Jean-Paul Olinger, UEL

Members :

Marc Hengen, ACA
Christel Chatelain, Chambre de Commerce
Marc Gross, Chambre des Métiers
Claude Bizjak, clc
Sara Scombussolo, Fédération des Artisans
Marc Kieffer, FEDIL
François Koepp, Horesca

Working group secretary :

Michèle Marques, UEL

Rapporteur :

Fabienne Lang, UEL