National & international economic affairs

How does our economy perform? What about the appeal of the Luxembourg site in an international context of change? What are the future economic challenges and opportunities? UEL daily takes the pulse of the growth and competitiveness of our country in the broadest sense of the word.

We pay close attention to the various economic indicators allowing to benchmark Luxembourg against the other countries. We contribute to the debate and propose solutions in the area of public finances, financing and creation of businesses… In this context we use figures, facts and economic studies which we refine or complete with the help of our own analyses on the general socioeconomic situation of Luxembourg but also on  current topics such as the digital and ecological transitions.

Working Group National & international economic affairs

President :

Marc Wagener, Chambre de Commerce

Members :

Benoît Cerfontaine, ABBL
Sandrine Chabrerie, ACA
Nicolas Henckes, clc
Patrick Koehnen, Fédération des Artisans
Jean-Marc Zahlen, FEDIL
François Koepp, Horesca

Working group secretary :

Nicolas Simons, UEL

Rapporteur :

Norry Dondelinger, Chambre des Métiers